14 Years of Igniter


14 years ago today we went ‘live’ online and offered Igniter Videos, Volume 1 DVDs. The last 14 years of serving churches with media resources has been a highlight of my life. In fact I’m going to highlight 14 of my favorite things on this journey.

  1. Watching a crowd watch our first mini movie (Are You Amazed?). I was hooked.
  2. Getting the shipments of our products. I LOVED seeing all the DVDs. Then mailing them out!
  3. Getting to work with others toward a goal. Working with others like Clint, Trent, Jenni and everyone else through the years has been amazing.
  4. Becoming friends and allies with other companies and people serving churches. Love all the friendships.
  5. Doing the Echo Conference. Period. The interactions alone at Echo were so valuable and fun.
  6. Moving into our recent office space has provided so many benefits and fun memories already. Love being here.
  7. Acquiring Graceway Media and integrating our companies. It was hard at times, but so worth it.
  8. Our company Christmas parties… I love that evening with our team (and spouses).
  9. Getting issue #1 of COLLIDE Magazine. We were dancing around smelling the magazine constantly.
  10. Growing our relationships with other producers through WorshipHouse. Not to mention our WHM dinner at Echo. 
  11. Creating our daily clothes buy printing tons of t-shirts. Love our brands and our shirts!
  12. Working toward IG7 has been rewarding in itself. Can’t wait to launch it all.
  13. Growing personally through hardships and suffering. God is good all the time and he uses valleys to our benefit.
  14. I have laughed so much because of all the circumstances of this company. So much joy up here.

Thank you churches, customers, and friends of Igniter Media. We love you. Can’t wait to hit 15 years!

It's Ross Moshell... our newest guy!

Who would have thought that in 2016, Ross Moshell would join our team! I met Ross in 2010 (possibly 2009) through a mutual friend, Marc Matthews (RT alumni). They both were part of a great company here in Dallas called Reel FX.

Ross is going to bring much needed help as an integrator into all of our business areas. He's the guy that will help our 'trains run on time' as he will be playing the role of our operations director. 

Personally, I am very thankful Ross has joined our team. Too often, I don't get the things done that I know need to get done. I have vision, ideas, and strategy as my main responsibilities... but those things don't amount to much if someone doesn't focus on pushing things forward and getting them done. Ross is going to be the champion of this, and I can't wait!

Welcome Ross!

We Love Our RT Alumni

As time goes on, one of the things I appreciate more and more are the people who have made a big impact on our company and those that have their fingerprints over a lot of what we've done in 13+ years. Who are these people? They are the RT alumni.

In the last year, we've been able to have lunches and office visits with many alumni and it's been so fun giving them a tour of our relatively new office building.

We have a strong team of people here at RT... and we have some great alumni as well. Consider this an official shoutout to all that have worked full time, part time, or even freelanced for us here. We are grateful.

Mo Lawson

*We have had other alumni visit the space as well, but I didn't get a proper photo. :(

Welcome, Cate!

In addition to Susan, we welcome Cate! Cate is our new RT Administrative Assistant and we are so excited she's here with us.

Cate is a born-and-raised Dallas native and continues to live here with her husband Brent and their three beautiful children McKay, Hannah and Jude (one of her favorite bands happens to be The Beatles...coincidence?). She's basically supermom at home and now gets to be our supermom here at RT, keeping everyone organized and informed. And giving the occasional bandaid to Rob when he falls off his hover board.

Cate enjoys reading, playing the piano and eating Torchy's - which is a treasured restaurant around here, so she fits in perfectly. We are so excited that you are here with us, Cate. Welcome again!

Welcome, Susan!


Everyone, give a big 'ol welcome to our newest Graphic Designer, Susan Dean (soon-to-be Susan Culpepper, come October). Susan is a sweet, southern gal who just moved here from Birmingham, AL as a new graduate from Auburn University.

She has been to over 30 countries around the world and is not afraid of her new adventure in Dallas, TX; however, she isn't alone. Her fiancé Will moved to Dallas over a year ago for work and so, they've decided to start their life together here. The two of them would most likely be found hiking around White Rock lake or exploring new parts of Dallas on the weekends. 

If Susan weren't here at RT, she would probably be working for a "boring magazine company," but luckily we snagged her. Welcome again, Susan!


Claire Heath joins the team!

The summer is here and that means so is our intern!  Claire is a senior at Abilene Christian University (scratch ‘em cats!) and met Rob Thomas at an ACU alumni event she was responsible for last fall.  And the rest is history.  

Claire is studying Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Business. She also worked at an event company and an ad agency during college. Somehow she is still managing to graduate early this December!  Claire is outgoing, creative, eager to learn and willing to serve.  She will be helping us out with marketing, administration and social media.  

When she’s not working so hard she leads worship (and sings some T Swift), eats Pineapple Upside Down cake, and binge watches The Walking Dead.  We are looking forward to seeing all your ideas come to life this summer!  Let’s welcome Claire to the team!