RT Creative Group acquires Graceway Media

Celebrating the acquisition of Graceway with it's founders, Jon & Josh Bailey. 

DALLAS, TX-(February 2, 2012) - RT Creative Group LLC-the parent company of Igniter Media, Echo Hub, and Echo Conference-announced that it has acquired Graceway Media, a company that creates exceptional and affordable media resources for churches.

Graceway Media, which began as PowerPoint Sermons in 2006, offers resources such as title graphics, widescreen stills, HD motions, banners, and logos, all with helpful customization options. The addition of Graceway Media to RT Creative Group reinforces the company's established mission to equip and educate churches through media resources and live events.

"Graceway Media serves churches around the world through creativity and quality resources," said Rob Thomas, Owner and President of RT Creative Group, "and that's why we're excited to add them to our family."

"This timely acquisition leverages each company's unique strengths and embraces a singular mission-creating professional, Christ-centered media that declares Truth," said Jon and Josh Bailey, co-founders of Graceway Media. "It makes us feel incredibly blessed to know that Graceway will be joining forces with innovative brands such as Igniter Media and Echo Hub. The future has never been brighter."

Graceway Media's ever-growing catalog of church media resources includes a variety of content specifically designed for teaching topics, Scripture passages, holidays, and announcements. In addition to still images and motions, Graceway Media also produces Photoshop files that empower churches to customize resources to meet their unique needs.

About RT Creative Group:

RT Creative Group is a team of Christians who design media resources and live events. This mission began in 2002 with the first Igniter video, "Are You Amazed?" Since that time, Igniter Media has produced 99 more videos that include "That's My King!" and "99 Balloons." In addition, Igniter Media has created hundreds of other church media resources in the form of title graphics, motions, countdowns, still images, and more.

Echo Hub is a new site that serves church communicators through editorial content and an online store. Echo Hub also functions as the online home of Echo Conference, an annual conference for artists, geeks, and storytellers that began in 2008.

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