Rob Gets a Citation


This past Sunday, Rob received a Distinguished Alumni Citation from Abilene Christian University ("ACU"). Out of 86,000 alumni, only 3 individuals are honored in this manner each year. We can debate why they call it a "citation," but there is no debate about whether Rob was worthy of the award. 


We are lucky to have Rob as a leader for our company. Many of us have known this for quite some time now, and Sunday was a great reminder of just how fortunate we are. 

Haley gave the first introduction speech about Rob. She emphasized that although Rob is such a creative entrepreneur and businessman that he is always an engaged, present, and fun father and husband to his family. They say no man ever rises above the opinions of his wife and children. If that's the case, we should be encouraged by Haley's words. Watch it below.


Jeff gave the next speech. And really, he felt was speaking on behalf of the 45 other employees that have ever worked with Rob. I think we all can agree that Rob's humility and desire to serve us and our company is one of the traits that separates Rob as a tremendous leader. You can check Jeff out here.


Blair went last. And it was incredibly funny. Bordering on a near-roast, Blair did a great job capturing Rob's college years for all of us to fully enjoy. Watch it below.


Again, it was a neat day seeing Rob honored by his alma mater in such a deserving way. On a personal note, I am very fortunate to have worked with him almost 8 years. I am a better person/husband/father because of Rob's leadership.  

Congratulations Rob!