The new Igniter site is LIVE!

The new Igniter site is beautiful and wonderful. While we are still improving it, I am very proud of the initial 5.0 version.

Our dev team is amazing. 

Mo, Clint, Jack & Corin did an amazing job and we are all lucky to have such great guys.

Chapman oversaw design and UI and knocked it out of the park. He had his hand in every aspect of the site and it shows.

Joe, Ashton, Travis, and Samantha helped a lot with designs, product looks, and a lot more. I’m not sure how many images were created for the new site but it’s a ton! You guys are all incredibly gifted.

Steve and Jeff knocked out some great videos to help promote this thing. I think they are fun and go well with the site.

Jenni was and is a metadata workhorse. She has updated, changed, and added lots of data including details, categories, keywords…. you name it. 

Not to mention all the customer care we are getting from Ashton, Jenni, Kim, Kathleen, and Ryan. Staying on top of all that has been very helpful and game changing.

I look forward to showing everyone the package we send out when someone becomes a member… it’s pretty awesome.

Thanks Jeff for your leadership and written copy skills. Thank you Trent and designers for the great stills & motions that are getting added. Thank you all staff for being part of this company. Thank you world for existing. Thank you Jesus.


We have already received all kinds of good feedback. Here are some highlights:

Proud of the brand new site my friends at @IgniterMedia designed and developed: Great job, guys!
Scott McClellan

Love the new @IgniterMedia site  - especially your enhanced search options. #crtvmin
Adam Fry (@createconference)

I love the new @IgniterMedia website! It has a great look and is so much easier now.
Kendall Connor (@creativepastor)

Looks super-great!
Kevin O’Brien (@journeyboxmedia)

Love the new site! Just had to say the ‘Boom Goes the Dynamite’ bit was freaking hilarious, our team couldn’t stop laughing. 
Matt Gruber (@creationswap)

I am loving the new Igniter site. I agree with what you posted online that it is the best Igniter site ever. I know you worked really hard and it is really nice from this perspective. I love the personal touch of the videos and I love the design. Really nice. I think you guys have upped the bar in website design with this launch. 
Dale Carter (@worshiphousemedia)

Congrats on the new Igniter site - it’s beautiful!
Ben Arment (@StoryChicago)