Big launch day for RT Creative Group

Today is a fun day up at RTCG. We are launching and releasing several things and are very excited to see these come to fruition.

The first big thing today is our brand new Echo Conference 2013 site. We are going with a fun 8-bit feel this year. We plan to have a lot of fun with that during the conference as well.

The dates are July 24-26, 2013 and we hope you can make it to the event. Go to the site to register our best rate now.

Also, check out the fun promo video we did.

We created another version with a riskier ending. This was the original ending until we changed it. Check it out if you don't get squeamish.

Meanwhile, over at Igniter Media, we released a brand new Mother's Day video called 'Just Like Me'. We used my (Rob) wife and two sons for this video. It was a lot of fun and we think it turned out great.

 Sunday Magazine's cover (Issue 15, May 2013)

Sunday Magazine's cover (Issue 15, May 2013)

And last but not least, check out the new issue of Sunday Magazine. Have we mentioned we are thankful to have Jonathan Malm on the team? Well, we are. He is doing a great job with all things Echo and we get to join him in putting out Sunday Magazine. Check this free magazine out when you have a little reading time. You'll be glad you did.