How Jeff Parker got here.

 Rob and Jeff enjoying staging some pictures.

Rob and Jeff enjoying staging some pictures.

One of the greatest things that has happened to RT Creative Group is Jeff Parker. I met Jeff (and Stacey) in a Watermark Foundation Group. This is a 'community type' group led by a married couple for newly married couples. Somehow, Haley and I were qualified to lead a group, though our marriage was only 2.5 years in the making. 

At the time, I had already created Igniter Videos, Volume 01 which included five mini movies.  I sold these DVDs on our website and had already gone to a couple conferences. I was in the process of finishing up five more mini movies when Jeff and I had a great conversation. As a foundation group, we went bowling one night, but somehow Jeff and I stayed a bit longer and I talked through Igniter, church media, and dreams of the future. Napkin drawings happened. Jeff was hooked on the vision and I was hooked on needing him.

Hiring someone wasn't something I had the finances to do, especially someone of Jeff's caliber. He was a rising star at a financial company on his way to making a nice living (aka. good money). As I've found in life, and Jeff found as well, there are things that are more attractive than money. Creating media and stories that impact a person's walk with Christ was a 'trump card' for Jeff.

My dad and I co-hired Jeff. He did my dad's book-keeping for his company, and he joined me in what was happening with my tiny company. He took a big pay cut to do this, but I never heard him complain. Mainly because he didn't. 

Jeff was able to put our numbers, goals, and forecasts on paper. He brought business sensibilities that I didn't have. In some ways, I could see the company for what it was. He knew when we could hire someone. For the first 3-4 hires, I remember saying and thinking, 'I can't believe we can hire someone!'.

Jeff continues to be such a huge part of our growth, changes, and foundation. We sold part of our company (WorshipHouse Media), we have acquired another part (Graceway Media), and today we sit in a great place. I couldn't have done those things without Jeff. There are countless little things I couldn't have done as well.  

So today I'm thankful for Jeff. I often tell friends that Jeff is my first and best hire. That's saying a lot because we have an amazing, incredible team. I want to say 'I guess you never forget your first' but there's no way people won't take that wrong... so I won't say it.