Q & A with Timmy Allen (first day on the job)!


A spontaneous Q & A with Timmy Allen on his first day. 

Rob: Welcome. 

Timmy: Thank you. Good to be here. 

Rob: You started today. How's it going so far? 

Timmy: Good. So far I got all the computer stuff set up. After lunch, we're getting my 'stand-up desk' ready. 

Rob: (one month in the future) So, you switched back to a 'sit down desk'... 

Timmy: (laughing) 

Rob: Thanks for laughing.  Favorite part of Dallas so far? 

Timmy: The food. Torchy's tacos is amazing. My wife and I loved brunch at Bonnie Ruth. The Village Burger Bar is incredible. Dallas has the best food/restaurants.  Also, we went to Ikea in Frisco. Awesome. We skipped the furniture and went straight for the meatballs. 

Rob: Speaking of, we're walking out the door in 3 minutes to go (as a team) to Torchy's. You cool with that?

Timmy: I can taste The American already. It's the taco of the month. 

Rob: We're so glad you work here now. 

Timmy: Real excited. Glad to be here. Been two weeks since I've done anything creative and I'm ready to get going.