The RT Christmas Party

  Jeff handing out the RT 10 Year Book and a logo'd blanket.

Jeff handing out the RT 10 Year Book and a logo'd blanket.

So maybe you don't want to hear about this since it's now January, I understand. But I wanted to post some photos from our annual RT Creative Group Christmas Party.

We had a wonderful time this year and it was so great having everyone there. Some highlights for me were:

  1. The food. We went with Bubba's Chicken and it was so good. I love Bubba's.
  2. The song. Ashton and her husband Daniel sang a song (with guitar!) and it was really great. They wrote original lyrics about the company.... very funny and sweet.
  3. The hanging out. It's really fun to hang out with our team and talk about other stuff. Plus, I love knowing the spouses of everyone. So many fun people.
  4. The Clint slideshow, part 2. You'd have to be there, but seeing Clint photos wow hearing '100 Years' is a touching combo.
  5. Santa's Favorite Things. This was the biggest year yet. Great prizes and a lottery winner (Ashton!)
  6. Ashton winning the lottery. Did she cry? Yes. And it was really sweet to see how excited she was.
  7. The blankets. We gave a nice custom blanket to everyone and they are a hit! So comfy. My wife uses mine so I don't really get to use it.

Here is a photo gallery from the night: