We'll Miss Scott

Echo-4 (1).jpg

As many of you know, Friday was Scott McClellan’s last day at our company. Scott started out doing customer service and shipping for Igniter Media (among other things) He was employee #6 and he’s been here for a long time (7.6 years).

Through the years, Scott’s job morphed along with his skills. His ability to write and execute tasks landed him as the best guy for ‘editor’ of our new magazine called COLLIDE. He excelled at that and we’re all proud of the 20 issues of that magazine we released.

In 2009-ish, he took over as full time director of Echo and our last three conferences were with him at that position. Again, he did a great job.

For a couple weeks, I will feel the torn feeling. Peace about the decision, but sad not to see him at work. Scott and I both came to the agreement that this is the right decision. Nothing lasts forever and that’s true for all of us… but change is always hard.

Scott will remain a supporter and fan of what we do up here and we will do the same for him. I really look forward to seeing what God does with his life and I’ll cheer him on in any way I can. I hope you do the same.