Halloween Party

This past Friday, we had to the opportunity to enjoy an incredible Halloween party with our co-workers and our families here at RT Creative Group.  As usual, the hosts did not disappoint and everyone had a great time.  We tried to capture as much as possible, but here are some of the highlights. 

Below we have Phil, who decided to come as "hipster Alan."  Who is Alan you ask?  Oh....that's the gentleman to the right of Phil congratulating him on winning "Funniest Costume."  What do you think?  Did Phil nail it?  

The next award went to Caitlin for the "Most Abstract Costume."  She was self-proclaimed "falling glitter."  (Sidenote:  Caitlin was the culprit responsible for making this whole party happen, so THANK YOU Caitlin for doing what you do and making it AWESOME!)

The grand finale came down to the top male and female costumes.  Timmy won the best male with his "Mad Hatter" get-up, and Ashton transformed into "Rosie the Riveter."  Well done you two!

The 2014 RT Creative Group Halloween party was a success, and we want to thank everyone who contributed.  Also, thank you to all those who brought their families out.  Check out more of the fun in the pictures below.