Brent Odell joins the RT team

Brent should be mad at me. It took me over a month to even mention him on our blog. But of course, he's not mad... he's too nice for that. Let me tell you about him.

He's our newest developer and he's already proven to be quite a problem solver. Clint and Corin, our other devies, welcomed him with open arms... in an awkward way.

Brent is from Oklahoma and was even in the musical 'Oklahoma' in high school. He studied computer science as well as theater so we're excited to see where that combination takes our team.

Some of his favorite things (per my interrogation):

  • Likes The Music Man
  • Enjoys mariachi music
  • For breakfast, he never eats cereal but sometimes eats pizza
  • Was majorly into the 90's christian music scene. He was 'diving in'!

Brent found us on LinkedIn, randomly, and when he came by for an interview he was on his way to the State Fair of Texas... thus his interview happened with him wearing shorts. We are thankful that he is at our company and look forward to 2015 with Brent on board!

Welcome Brent!