Echo Conference: one year later

 Rob at Watermark Church on July 23, 2014. It's quiet in here.

Rob at Watermark Church on July 23, 2014. It's quiet in here.

Today would be a big day for us at RT Creative Group... if we were doing our conference.  We decided in early October last year to no longer host our Echo Conference anymore. We announced it publicly about a month after that.

Today, I (Rob) put on my Echo t-shirt and decided to do a Q&A with myself... sounds weird, I know.

Q: What's a good thing and a bad thing about not doing this event?

A: I'll start with what is hard about it. I said some of this last year, but it's true. Echo is a nice adhesive for our team... we bond like crazy! There is an adrenaline high with events that's hard to describe and hard to recreate in other ways. Also, I leave inspired. I love the speakers and teachers, but mainly I love the comraderie we have with so many others in the church world. We are missing you all today.

Part of the relief of not doing Echo is just the sheer amount of things we are currently doing. We are about to launch an overhauled Igniter Media (August 6). We are then, going to release an overhauled Graceway Media. Both projects have taken most of the last year. Not to mention the biggest project of all... our new office space. Jeff and I have been extremely busy with that and it takes sometimes half our week away.

Q: Name three very specific things you (or I) miss about Echo.

A: First, that's not a question. Second, I would say these things:

  1. Davin videos
  2. Games and fun on stage
  3. Seeing people enter the doors as they start signing in. I love that for some reason.

Q: Can you now name three more things?

A: Very easily.

  1. Seeing Gary Molander
  2. Watching Jon Acuff make people laugh and inspire them
  3. The ice cream truck

Q: Do I regret the decision to stop doing this event?

A: First of all, it was a team decision and I don't like the tone I am taking with myself. No, we have no regrets. We have some sadness, but not regret. It was the absolute 100% right thing to do for us. We'd be stressed to the max if we had decided to do it this year. Financially, it would have stretched us. I'm not sure Jeff wouldn't have taken up sniffin' glue again.

Q: Did you close the Echo Store?

A: We did and with our 50% sales, pretty much cleaned it out! Thanks everyone for helping us do that. We hope the notebooks, shirts, and DVDs are fun and useful for you.

Q: About the new building... any events ever going to happen there?

A: Funny you should ask. I don't know, but I know I'm interested in hosting something there. If any of you remember our Igniter release parties we used to do, it was for local church leaders and around 100 people would come. I would love to host certain events in our new space for a group about that size. We will have a theater, and coffee bar/commons area with a stage... not to mention a cool fireplace. We hope to do some really cool things in that space!

Q: Last question. Will there ever be another Echo?

A: I honestly don't know, but I kinda hope so.