The new Igniter 6.0 site is here!

We are so excited to have completed the new Igniter Media website. We've been working on it for months and months. Let's look at some of the new features shall we.

New Features:

Mini Movies Only
Igniter previously was about Mini Movies and Stills & Motions. We have decided to cut our site in half! We will be exclusively a mini movie site. Our countdowns, stills, motions, title graphics and photoshop files are all getting moved over to Graceway Media. It just makes sense... There was a lot of overlap between the two companies and we've gotten rid of it!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.44.48 PM.png

Added Top Producers
We decided that for our site to be a worthwhile membership to have, you truly need access to all or most of the great mini movies out there. Thankfully, we have a great relationship with many of the top producers out there. We have added the libraries from Centerline New Media, Floodgate Productions, Journey Box Media, Shift Worship, and Steelehouse Media. Adding these producers has given us a greatly...

Expanded Library
We had 125 mini movies on our site. Now we have over 600 and they are some great ones too. We look forward to continuing to add top quality mini movies in the future.

Refined Search and Browse
We have improved our 'search' feature by a lot. I love the drop-down menu that a searched term provides. It makes searching fun again... or for the first time. It just works. I love our 'browse' feature because it truly gives you plenty of ways to filter down the content to find exactly what you are looking for. Not to mention our list of 'sermon topics' that will help while prepping a talk or sermon.


Overall Design Enhancements
I wouldn't say we've completely changed the design like iOS 6 to iOS7 did, but we definitely made a ton of changes. I love the new look.

We also have a 'what's new' page on the site to check out.

I'm extremely thankful for our team that put together this website. Everyone contributed in some way. Everyone! Several of our team members were deep into Igniter 6.0 and I want to thank them by mentioning them.

David Chapman, Clint Miller, Corin Schedler, Jack Snodgrass, Phil Wright, Jeff Parker, and Ryan Brown. These guys were working almost exclusively on Igniter 6.0 for the last three months.