We welcome Caleb Dean to the RTCG team!

Something remarkable has happened in the last couple months. We've needed to fill a role... a big role... and we did! Caleb Dean started work at RT Creative Group yesterday. If you knew him, you'd know why this is such good news. First, he's a remarkable guy who loves the Lord. He's a leader and a servant... the kind of guy you want on 'the bus'. He will be wearing many hats, and most importantly, he'll be our new CFO. He loves details and system and will focus on such areas as finance, legal, HR, strategy, and more. 

I don't usually articulate things like this well, but I want to communicate this. I believe Caleb is a gift to RTCG... from God.  I did not seek him out. He wasn't seeking us out. Through circumstances I can share more about later, I believe God brought Caleb to us. I really do. I take no credit. Nor does he. So I have to say this... thank you Lord, for providing for our needs as a company.

I can't wait for you all to get to know him better going forward. For now, why not welcome him (in the comments)!