Steve Vanderheide gets his 5 year RT Bobblehead!

 Rob with Steve and Bobblehead Steve.

Rob with Steve and Bobblehead Steve.

We celebrated Steve this past week for his 5 years with our company. It was essentially 10 years ago that he first emailed me, asking to intern at our company. He then interned in 2006 for three weeks and we loved him. Keep in mind, he was from Canada, so this was an international internship!

Soon after, he got a job at Watermark Church in Dallas, so he moved from Canada to Dallas and I got to see him often at church or when he borrowed our gear. Then, in 2010, he officially began working for RT Creative Group.

Steve has been instrumental in many areas, but first and foremost, our mini movies. He has been the lead editor and shooter for most of our content for the past 5 years. He's also written and directed many as well. He has allowed me to be more of a writer and occasional director, and I love getting to work with him. He has an eye for excellence and cares deeply about the videos he contributes to. Though he and I will occasionally disagree on certain creative things, in the end, we'll always align with each other. And I'm a better creative person because of him.

Thanks for being a part of this team Steve!