It's Ross Moshell... our newest guy!

Who would have thought that in 2016, Ross Moshell would join our team! I met Ross in 2010 (possibly 2009) through a mutual friend, Marc Matthews (RT alumni). They both were part of a great company here in Dallas called Reel FX.

Ross is going to bring much needed help as an integrator into all of our business areas. He's the guy that will help our 'trains run on time' as he will be playing the role of our operations director. 

Personally, I am very thankful Ross has joined our team. Too often, I don't get the things done that I know need to get done. I have vision, ideas, and strategy as my main responsibilities... but those things don't amount to much if someone doesn't focus on pushing things forward and getting them done. Ross is going to be the champion of this, and I can't wait!

Welcome Ross!