Clint hits 10 Years with RTCG

Clint Miller is an executive leader and our lead developer at RT Creative Group... and as of today, has been with us for 10 years. I remember one of the first things he did for us... he added 'search' to our WorshipHouse Media website. He did something that was impossible for me, Jeff, Trent, or anyone here... and we were amazed at his abilities.

10 years later, I'm still amazed at him. He's a super smart person who has solved probably 8,356 complex problems with our company. He's, hands down, one of the best problem solvers I've ever met.

But even more than that, he is a man that loves the Lord, and I've witnessed tremendous growth in him.  I've seen him serve his family, his church, and others in so many ways.  I've seen him grow in his ability to handle conflict, crisis, and hardship. Plus, he's a lot of fun. Not everyone knows this, but he's quite funny.

I've seen him serve and sacrifice for this company so many times, but most wouldn't know or see it...  he refuses to toot his own horn. Such a humble guy!

From RTCG and everyone who has benefitted from our company, we owe a lot to Clint Miller. Please take a moment and encourage Clintie (that's what his wife calls him, so I figure we can now do the same after 10 years)!