What's The Latest at RT?

Leadership Retreat

At the beginning of February, our leadership team took 2.5 days away from the office to plan for our year. We discussed many things but mainly, how are we going to innovate in 2016. We created a list of about 12 areas we wanted to innovate, then tried to narrow it down and prioritize it. In the end, we left the retreat with a ton of clarity and excitement on our future at RTCG.

 RT Leadership Team (L to R): Phil Wright, Rob Thomas, Ryan Brown, Caleb Dean, Clint Miller

RT Leadership Team (L to R): Phil Wright, Rob Thomas, Ryan Brown, Caleb Dean, Clint Miller

Jeff Parker Update

As we continue down the road of reconciliation with Jeff Parker, we came to the part where it was time for Jeff to talk with the whole team. It was a really good day. Jeff spent around 45 minutes talking about his year and about what God has been teaching him. He also spent considerable time talking through the ways he knows he hurt our company. The team was able to ask questions and talk through anything. Jeff then stayed up at the office to talk with several people individually.  All I can say is that this was a very good and healing day for everyone.  Personally, it was a tiring but very rewarding day for me. The last time Jeff interacted with our company like that was a year earlier, the day he got fired. To see him interacting with the team again was, well, amazing. I loved it. 

Other updates on Jeff. Previous to the company meeting with him (and after just he and I), Jeff and Stacey met with me and Haley at a Cafe Brazil. The first time Haley and I met the Parkers was at a Cafe Brazil way back in 2003, so it felt right to hold our time together at that location. Needless to say, it was a great night, full of healing.

Going forward, Jeff still has other people he is meeting with (ex. my dad). As for Jeff and I, we will continue to get together every 4 weeks or so. Our goal is to stay connected, continue the healing, and let God lead.

Membership Packs are here!

We started sending our our 'secret' membership packs to Igniter and Graceway members. If you are a new member or someone who is renewing, we will send you a box of swag. We value our members tremendously, and hope these packs convey part of our appreciation. When you receive your pack, please take a photo and use hashtag #rtboxoswag on a social post!

Saying Goodbye to Steve

Steve Vanderheide was a vital part of our team for over 5 years and has now gone out on his own. He worked on so many mini movies through the years, too many to count. But more than that, he's a guy with a lot of integrity, humility, patience, and humor... and he is already missed up here. Thankfully, he still shows up in our Call of Duty games, so there's still that.

Ashton had a baby!

Finally, we want to celebrate with Ashton (below left) and Daniel on the birth of a beautiful baby girl. We miss seeing Ashton up here at the office on a daily basis so much! Ashton will continue a part-time position with RT so there's no 'goodbye' here. Also, Jenni (below center) continues to work in her part-time position with us. She and Phil now how two sets of twins (yes, that's four kids).

In summary, we are very excited about this year and can't wait to continue serving churches and other organizations with media resources. It's an honor to get to do what we do, and we are so thankful to be a part of so many local churches.