14 Years of Igniter


14 years ago today we went ‘live’ online and offered Igniter Videos, Volume 1 DVDs. The last 14 years of serving churches with media resources has been a highlight of my life. In fact I’m going to highlight 14 of my favorite things on this journey.

  1. Watching a crowd watch our first mini movie (Are You Amazed?). I was hooked.
  2. Getting the shipments of our products. I LOVED seeing all the DVDs. Then mailing them out!
  3. Getting to work with others toward a goal. Working with others like Clint, Trent, Jenni and everyone else through the years has been amazing.
  4. Becoming friends and allies with other companies and people serving churches. Love all the friendships.
  5. Doing the Echo Conference. Period. The interactions alone at Echo were so valuable and fun.
  6. Moving into our recent office space has provided so many benefits and fun memories already. Love being here.
  7. Acquiring Graceway Media and integrating our companies. It was hard at times, but so worth it.
  8. Our company Christmas parties… I love that evening with our team (and spouses).
  9. Getting issue #1 of COLLIDE Magazine. We were dancing around smelling the magazine constantly.
  10. Growing our relationships with other producers through WorshipHouse. Not to mention our WHM dinner at Echo. 
  11. Creating our daily clothes buy printing tons of t-shirts. Love our brands and our shirts!
  12. Working toward IG7 has been rewarding in itself. Can’t wait to launch it all.
  13. Growing personally through hardships and suffering. God is good all the time and he uses valleys to our benefit.
  14. I have laughed so much because of all the circumstances of this company. So much joy up here.

Thank you churches, customers, and friends of Igniter Media. We love you. Can’t wait to hit 15 years!